POSB Credit Card – One for All and All for One

Unlike other banks in Singapore, POSB offers only 1 Credit Card product. While you might think that the bank is at a disadvantage for not providing its customers with more choices, you might not need them when a single card offers widespread rebates and discounts across most categories! POSB in fact has been smart about what its Credit Card offers its takers and here is why – more often than not when we are presented with numerous choices, we get confused because we like one or more features from multiple cards. But here in front of us we have a single card with features from a plethora of categories minimizing our anxiety over picking the right one.

At One Glance:

Just taking a glance at what POSB Everyday Credit Card has to offer is tempting enough. You can receive cash rebates up to 9% on your everyday essentials and dining adventures across Singapore. The everyday essentials partner merchants of the bank cover some of the most popular establishments on the island including:

  • SPC
  • Sheng Siong
  • StarHub
  • SP Services
  • Watsons and many more

What’s a one for all card?

Well, you can use the POSB Everyday Card as a Credit Card, an ATM Card or an EZ Link Card! Yes, you heard it right. As a POSB Credit Card, it offers the MasterCard contactless payment feature wherein you simply have to tap and go for your purchases without the requirement of a signature. You can make payments of up to S$100 for each transaction at more than 30,000 establishments in Singapore that accept this type of payment.

You can link your POSB Card to your Savings Account and use it as an ATM Card. Furthermore, you can top up this card and use it as your EZ Link Card as well.

What’s inside the package?

This POSB Credit Card is full of surprises and benefits!

  • You can save up to 20% on your petrol purchases at SPC.
  • You can earn cash rebates of up to 5% when you purchase groceries at Sheng Siong.
  • If Watson’s is your go to for all your healthcare and beauty needs, use your POSB Credit Card and receive 3% cash rebate.
  • Pay your recurring utility bills at SP Services, your mobile bills at StarHub, broadband bills, digital cable or even purchases in stores and receive 1% cash rebate.
  • You will receive 0.3% cash rebate on all your other spends.

Is redeeming rebates a complicated process?

Absolutely not! A lot of us lazy souls don’t want to go through the complicated process involved in redeeming our points, sifting through catalogues and just let our points expire. If you fall under this category too, then this card is perfect for you because it offers instant redemption of rebates at more than 400 partner establishments across the island! Some of the popular merchants include:

  • Pet Lovers Centre
  • Popular/Harris/ Urbanwrite/ Prologue
  • SPC
  • SP Services
  • StarHub
  • Watsons

Another way to redeem your DAILY$ rebates is via Online Banking through iBanking where you have the option to use your rebates to offset your future credit card bills OR even redeem taxi vouchers at CityCab taxi and Comfort taxi. This will definitely help you make full use of your rebates.

How does this card make life easier?

With the POSB Everyday Credit Card you will never miss a payment on your recurring essential bills. By using this card, you can consolidate all your bills into this single account and make a onetime bill payment every month. Additionally, you will continue to earn cash rebates when you pay your bills using your credit card.

How does this card benefit shopaholics?

If you are a shopaholic and spend a lot on your retail purchases, try My Preferred Payment Plan offered on your POSB Everyday Card where you can combine and convert your retail purchases into repayments of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. What’s even more fantastic is that you can avail this plan at 0% interest and a very minimal processing fee.

Who can apply for the POSB Everyday Card?

This card makes life extremely convenient with minimum criteria imposed on eligibility. Anyone who is at least 21 years old can apply for this card. If you are a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident, you must earn a minimum of S$30,000 and above per annum. If you a foreigner, you must earn a minimum of S$45,000 and above per annum. The principal card costs S$128.40 and the supplementary card costs S$64.20. You will enjoy a fee waiver of 1 year when you apply for this card.

Anything else I need to know to make up my mind and apply for this card?

Apply for this card online by September 30, 2016 and receive Gift Vouchers worth S$100 from Takashimaya.


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